Saturday, July 13, 2024
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Renewable energy to heat three of Stroud District Council’s biggest buildings

Thousands of tonnes of carbon emissions from three of Stroud District Council’s biggest buildings will be cut when air source heat pumps are installed in place of ageing gas boilers for heating and hot water.

Stroud District Council has been successful in bidding for a £4.7million grant from the Government’s Public Sector Decarbonisation Scheme and will add £700,000 to the project for the pumps at Stratford Park Leisure Centre and the Museum in the Park in Stroud, plus The Pulse Leisure Centre in Dursley.

The council’s Ebley Mill HQ and Brimscombe Port Mill have both been heated by water source heat pumps since 2022.

This proposed move aligns with the council’s overarching 2030 strategy to help the district become carbon neutral.

An air source heat pump system is estimated to last for a minimum of 20 years and these three installations will reduce carbon emissions by an estimated 14,652 tonnes over that time.

Energy-saving measures including moving to 100 per cent LED lighting and passive infra-red sensors, timeclocks, increasing the solar PV arrays, and introducing solar battery storage are being considered to help offset an increase in electricity consumption.

The buildings are expected to have to close for up to a month each but to minimise disruption, closures will be staggered, and quieter months aimed for.

“Our mission is to lead by example in the community, to help and encourage others to embrace renewable energy, and to make the changes now that are needed to equip our buildings for a low carbon future,” said council leader Catherine Braun.

Community Services and Licensing Committee Chair Chris Brine added: “We are doing everything in our power through our services, projects and policies to work with partners to reach our carbon neutral goal for the district.”
The work is expected to start in May this year and be finished in March next year.