Saturday, July 13, 2024
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OVO Energy launches smart charging electric vehicle plan to help customers cut cost

OVO Energy has announced the launch of the best value, innovative home electric vehicle (EV) charging plan on the market.

Enabled by intelligent charging that will boost the movement towards greener methods of travel, ‘Charge Anytime’, offers savings of up to £350 a year for OVO’s EV customers.

From today, eligible customers will be able to access a charging rate of 10p per kWh (equating to 3p a mile), which is three times cheaper than the national average (34p per kWh). EV owners can take advantage of world-leading technology that automatically optimises their car to charge when emissions and prices are low.

By splitting customers’ home energy and EV energy usage, tariff users can save 71%** on charging costs. Additionally, Charge Anytime is seven times cheaper than public charge points. The cost savings of the free add-on will appear as a credit against energy bills.

To access the easy add-on, customers simply need to connect their EV or charger with their OVO Energy account, and opt-in to smart charging. EV owners can use a mobile app to input when they need their car charged by and Kaluza’s technology then automatically charges the EV at the greenest times of the day, granting peace of mind to eco-conscious EV owners.

The announcement comes as OVO’s research shows 68% of UK adults who drive are hesitant to switch to an EV due to perceived high charging costs. A further 52% didn’t know that electric vehicles are cheaper to run than petrol and diesel alternatives.

Households can access the add-on as part of their home energy plans – available on both variable and fixed tariffs. Customers who opt-in will also receive insights into their vehicle’s charging patterns and the savings made.

Unlike other EV charging plans on the market, Charge Anytime does not limit users to charging at certain times of the day – giving customers the freedom to charge their EVs whenever they need to.

Mat Moakes, Chief Commercial Officer, OVO Energy comments: “With the 2030 ban on petrol and diesel cars swiftly approaching, it’s critical we incentivise our customers to make the transition to EVs. We are offering the most competitive charging plan on the market with Charge Anytime, rewarding our customers with the most innovative and best value package available. At OVO, we are committed to providing our customers with access to clean and affordable energy where possible, if we’re to reach our net zero by 2035 goal.”

To find out if you are eligibile, visit the OVO website.