Wednesday, June 19, 2024

ScottishPower racks up 1,000th heat pump installation of the year

Leading renewable energy company ScottishPower is quickening the pace to decarbonise homes in the UK having installed one thousand heat pumps this year so far.

Residential properties account for 16% of the UK’s carbon emissions and heat pumps are recognised as a crucial solution to support the country’s march to Net Zero by moving our homes away from fossil fuel forms of heating.

Many of ScottishPower’s 1,000 installations have benefitted from the Government grants available to customers to help reduce the upfront costs and includes those who’ve received heat pumps for free under the ECO4 scheme aimed at supporting low income and vulnerable households.

One customer who recently had a heat pump fitted to his bungalow is Charles from Swindon who’s in his 70s. Through the ECO4 scheme he not only received an air source heat pump but also external wall insulation, solar panels, smart heating controls and thermostatic radiator valves – all for free.

Charles from Swindon said: “My bill with my old heating system last winter was £100 a week at times, and I knew I had to do something. I honestly was sceptical about heat pumps at first, but it was explained very well to me, and I have noticed a great deal of difference in the warmth of my home.

“I’ve now got solar panels on the roof too and don’t have to worry as much about how much electricity I’m using. Everyone who comes round comments on how warm my house is.”

ScottishPower’s improvement works took his home’s Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) from an F, one of the least efficient, to a B, one of the most efficient.

Lord Callanan, Minister for Energy Efficiency and Green Finance, said: “The UK is a world leader in reducing carbon emissions, with heat pumps playing an integral part in helping us decarbonise how we heat our homes and drive down energy bills.

“ScottishPower’s 1000th installation is testament to the increasing desirability of a heat pump, with so many of their customers benefitting from government grants to lower costs and make them an increasingly similar price to a gas boiler.”

Electric heat pumps are increasingly recognised as crucial for the decarbonisation of heat. They use technology like that found in a refrigerator, but in reverse, extracting heat from a source, then amplifying and transferring the heat to where it is needed.

Andrew Ward, Chief Executive of ScottishPower’s customer business, said: “I’m thrilled to see us reach 1,000 homes with a newly installed heat pump in the UK this year so far already.

“We are moving at pace to reach as many customers as possible and one of the most pleasing aspects of our programme for me is seeing the difference heat pumps are making to those who are more vulnerable and ahead of another winter.

“Installing heat pumps alongside energy efficiency and insulation measures, helps not only to reduce the UK’s carbon emissions but can have a real positive impact on people’s energy bills too.”

Earlier research carried out by environmental organisation WWF in partnership with ScottishPower found that homes equipped with a range of low carbon technologies, including solar panels, EV chargers and the right energy efficiency measures, could currently save a typical household up to £2,300 on their energy bills each year, compared to homes without.

The ‘Better Homes, Cooler Planet, study also found making low carbon improvements could also increase the long-term value of a home by up to £10,000, while also helping to reduce its carbon emissions.