Thursday, June 20, 2024
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New rooftop bladeless wind energy unit launched provides same power as 16 solar panels

Aeromine Technologies claims that its new rooftop bladeless wind energy unit provides the same amount of power as up to 16 solar panels.

Could it become a game changer for generating clean energy on commercial buildings?

Aeromine Technologies says its motionless system, which was validated through joint research with Sandia National Laboratories in Albuquerque and Texas Tech University, easily installs on the edge of a building and can generate up to 50% more energy at the same cost as rooftop solar.

It’s designed to sit on buildings with flat roofs such as warehouses and distribution centers, manufacturing facilities, office buildings, multi-family residential developments, and big box retail.

The company says its patented rooftop wind product is currently being piloted by BASF Corporation – the largest chemical producer in the world – at BASF’s manufacturing plant in Wyandotte, Michigan.

Aeromine explains how its rooftop bladeless wind energy unit works:

Aeromine is motionless. The technology leverages aerodynamics similar to airfoils on a race car to capture and amplify each building’s airflow. Requiring just 10% of the roof space needed by solar panels, the stationary, silent, and durable Aeromine unit generates around-the-clock energy in any weather.

Aeromine systems consist of 20-40 units installed on the edge of a building facing the predominant wind direction. Designed to work seamlessly with a building’s existing electrical system, the combination of Aeromine’s wind solution with rooftop solar can generate up to 100% of a building’s onsite energy needs, while minimizing the need for energy storage.

It can also be paired with existing solar, so it isn’t necessary to disassemble already-installed solar panels to install the wind unit.