Saturday, July 13, 2024

Keter’s Curver Brand Celebrates 75 Years of Bringing Quality Household Storage Solutions to the Marketplace

Keter, an international leader in quality indoor and outdoor home and lifestyle solutions, recently celebrated its Curver brand’s 75th anniversary.

A well-organized living space delivers benefits that extend beyond superb functionality. In the home, garage, and landscape, giving everything its own place removes creeping clutter and brings a sense of balance. In turn, this encourages more creative space utilization and promotes residents’ better quality of life.

For 75 years, Curver has practiced this elegantly simple philosophy. Curver manufactures and distributes sustainable resin household products that embody quality along with contemporary style. In fact, Curver offers the market’s “widest and deepest” product range. These diverse (and affordable) offerings meet the needs of consumers with wide-ranging needs and style preferences.

Today, this market-leading firm continues to bring stylish, affordable organization to homes throughout Europe and other international markets. Six European factories, and far-reaching retail partners, enable Curver products’ distribution to consumers in multiple countries. Curver remains the premier European Consumer Brand relative to awareness, household penetration, and market share.

The Curver Brand’s Evolution

In May 1949, Peter CURtius and Ad VERschuren launched a family-based glass packaging production firm in the Netherlands. The innovative Curver company name is a shorter version of the two founders’ last names. While many other brands have repeatedly reinvented themselves, the Curver brand stands strong after 75 years.

In 1949, Curver initially focused on resin food container production. However, the fledgling company soon switched to manufacturing household storage solutions such as laundry baskets and trash bins. Curver further cemented this brand focus during the 1960s.

In the three subsequent decades, Curver came under DSM and then Rubbermaid ownership. During this period, the company broadened and deepened its home storage and leisure product offerings. Over time, Curver became Europe’s reference brand for the industry. A notable international expansion soon followed.

Curver Joins the Keter Group Family

In 2005, Curver was welcomed into the Keter Group ─ by all accounts a “win-win” partnership for both companies. Keter has long been recognized for its international leadership in the manufacturing and distribution of resin-sourced home and garden products. Curver continues to produce targeted, stylish household storage solutions.

Together, the two companies offer complementary products that help to enhance consumer lifestyles across the globe. Product offerings include home storage solutions, pet maintenance products, durable outdoor furniture, storage sheds, and garden boxes. Equally importantly, the two companies’ sustainable offerings help to lighten the impact on the environment.

Curver’s Enduring Sustainability Focus

Since its inception, Curver’s mission has been “helping people feel at home, no matter where they are.” For decades, Curver has delivered on this mission by producing innovative home storage solutions that help bring order to even chaotic households.

Helping to create pleasing living spaces is a worthy goal. That said, Curver emphasizes that the word “home” also extends to planet Earth. While Curver’s leaders focus on enhancing customers’ home environments, they realize that “we cannot improve one home at the expense of the other.

“As we strive to brighten your private homes with smart, stylish designs and comfortable conveniences, we are also working to protect humanity’s home by safeguarding our natural world.” Curver has implemented two initiatives in support of this foundational goal.

Recycled Materials Support Environmental Goals

Consistent use of recycled materials can substantially “move the needle” toward achieving sustainability goals. As part of the industry’s biggest recycled materials user, Curver is making major strides in this effort. Not content to rest on its laurels, however, the company intends to double its recycled materials usage by 2028. Besides decreasing plastic pollution, higher recycled materials use will promote healthier land and sea habitats.

Higher Energy Efficiency Drives Three Objectives

Compared to similar materials, Curver’s storage solutions need less energy during the production cycle. In addition, the company has made investments in smart energy consumption systems. Concurrently, Curver is bringing streamlined emerging technologies on board while making the switch to green renewable energy components.

Keter’s Complementary Commitment to Sustainability

Like Curver, parent company Keter Group maintains a steadfast sustainability commitment. To illustrate, Keter has long been on a mission to increase the percentage of recycled materials in its total production operations.

By 2025, Keter expects its products to collectively contain 55 percent of recycled materials. During the same timeline, Keter projects that production-linked greenhouse gas emissions will see a 25 percent decrease. Taken together, both achievements will make a significant positive impact on the environment.

Curver’s Stylish, Affordable Storage Solutions

For decades, Curver has led the way in stylish storage solutions. With the pieces’ striking designs, colors, and textures, the company’s six collections have shown that functional storage can also be pleasing to the eye.

Textured Decorative Storage Collection

Storage bins easily corral unruly household items that otherwise clutter up every horizontal surface. Because customers have varied design preferences, Curver offers decorative storage solutions featuring varied colors and textures.

After premiering the rattan look, the company followed with its jute, Scandinavian, and industrial concrete textured lines. The products’ resounding success demonstrates that Curver’s designs continue to resonate with its global customer base.

Functional Storage and “Do It Yourself” Products

Highly functional storage containers are the backbone of any storage line. For decades, Curver has supplied major global retailers with mix-and-match multipurpose bins. These versatile storage containers are ideal for the home, garage, car trunk, or boat.

Curver also markets this functional and “DIY” product line under its own label. The company offers the broadest selection of shapes and sizes on the market. Most recently, Curver introduced functional storage boxes composed of 70 percent recycled material. This game-changing construction method is a testament to Curver’s sustainability commitment.

Multipurpose Kitchen Collection

An ever-increasing number of people are cooking meals at home. Perhaps they’re adopting healthier eating habits, cutting down on expensive restaurant meals, or both. Other food aficionados are fine-tuning their culinary skills.

Regardless of the reason, Curver’s Smart Eco food storage products greatly streamline the food storage and preparation process. Today, customers can easily keep vegetables fresh and store other foods in stackable containers that easily fit into the fridge.

These microwave-approved food storage containers are made from 100 percent recycled plastic. For this remarkable product innovation, Curver was nominated for the 2021 Plastics Recycling Award (Europe).

Spacious Laundry Hampers

A well-constructed laundry hamper makes a handy collection bin for washable clothes. A laundry hamper is typically located in a family’s bedroom or bathroom. A second hamper may be found in the “mud room.”  These roomy receptacles can often hold days’ worth of a family’s dirty clothes.

That said, laundry hampers haven’t historically featured innovative designs and appealing colors. Curver’s laundry hampers (and bins) are the exception. Crafted in multiple textures and colors, these sleek-looking pieces add a touch of style to laundry day.

Versatile Waste Receptacles

Historically, consumers have seen little variety in trash bins’ sizes and shapes. Scarce attention to styling meant shoppers were forced to choose between bland-looking designs with “one size fits all” textures.

Curver’s in-mold labeling technology is a game changer. Today, consumers can choose from sleekly designed trash and recycling bins with top-tier finishes.

The products’ resin construction enables good storage hygiene, and the bins are built to last for years. And with a wide range of bin sizes and shapes, Curver ensures consumers are prepared to handle all their trash and recycling needs.

The PETLIFE Collection – Pet Lifestyle Products

Pet owners typically regard their pets as highly valued family members. Not surprisingly, these pet parents believe their cat or dog deserves all the comforts of home. Curver feels the same way, and that’s why the company introduced its PETLIFE Collection in 2009.

These coordinated pet products include whimsical pet food storage containers and stylish pet carriers. Cats and small dogs will enjoy a cozy pet bed topped by a roomy perch. Cat litter boxes, and other pet-friendly items, round out the highly popular PETLIFE collection.

Curver’s Commitment to Inclusion and “Giving Back”

Curver’s production facilities employ workers from many nationalities and cultures. The company values all employees’ skills and perspectives, believing that everyone’s talents propel Curver to continued success. Equally importantly, Curver leaders provide fair treatment to every worker. An employee’s race, gender, age, religion, or sexual orientation are never a factor in the treatment they receive.

Curver strongly believes in becoming a positive force in its local communities. Through community engagement and employee-based volunteer programs, Curver associates have stepped up to assist community members in need. These programs help to bring the Curver mission full circle, making a difference in diverse communities that team members call home.