Thursday, June 20, 2024

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We have built an online audience of owners and decision makers who choose & for news, videos & reviews for home energy & electric vehicles.

We have also added a monthly print magazine, podcasts, a YouTube Channel which has already received over 2 million viewers and we also have daily and sector emails which go to make EV Powered & Electric Home a true multi-platform offering.

Quality Content

Our journalists and editorial staff are committed to producing the best and most informative content for the electric vehicle and home energy sectors and are constantly working with our readers to cover topics that they want to read. The EV Powered and Electric Home websites create news, discussion, video interviews and a directory of products and services.

Innovative formats

Our website has dedicated daily content which is also accessible through a number of formats to match the requirements of our audience.

The daily news updates and breaking news alerts are send directly to the inbox of the those who have signed up to be better informed about everything about Electric Vehicles and our iPhone & iPad apps providers users with the information at their finger tips wherever and whenever they need it all allow advertisers and sponsors to target their brand or business to the most vibrant business sector in the UK.

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